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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 1 -12/2014
11. View from inside
towards the front panel
of a receiver slotted
into the test rack. A
camera records all
display activities of the
device and the so-called
Remote Control Emulator
automatically executes
all remote control
commands. This way it is
possible to automatically
test receiver functions
and features in their
12. This single-unit
testing station can be
used whenever only a
single receiver at a time
needs to be checked.
This system has been
designed with receiver
manufacturers in mind.
13. All the worker at the
conveyor belt has to do
is plug in the receiver
and press the large
START button. The test
routine then launches
automatically. Upon
completion of the test
either OK or ERROR
lights up and gives a
clear indication whether
the receiver is ready for
shipment to a customer
or still requires some
14. The software gives a
clear answer to all test
routines that need to be
15. Employees feeling
that plugging in all
connections manually
is to tiresome an affair
can use this positioning
device. It comes with
all connectors nicely in
place and makes sure a
single mechanical step is
all it takes to connect the
receiver for testing.
15. Almost ready for
16. Done. All connections
of the receiver are firmly
in place.
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