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1 -12/2014 —
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coded result (FAILED or OK) on the
PC monitor. The RT-RK engineer seen
here makes sure the BBT software runs
21. The image quality of a live signal is
measured here.
22. Another in-house innovation by
RT-RK: A remote control adapter for
switching the light on and off in your
home. Using the remote control any
combination of lights can be controlled
individually or in groups.
23. RT-RK has also developed tailor-
made software for Android-based
receivers. Its main draw card: The
RT-TK solution is based on the TV
picture and positions all information as
well as Android apps on top of the TV
picture rather than in a dedicated OSD
menu. Similar to what we have come
to appreciate on our smartphones, all
apps can be accessed and used without
having to take your eyes away from the
currently selected TV channel. Seen
here is the example of a clock that is
inserted in the upper left corner, with
the Google search bar below, as well as
Google news. All of this can of course
be fully customized, so you can adjust
the layout of your personal screen to
your heart’s content. Manufacturers of
Android-based TV panels and receivers
should give this a close look.
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