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— 1 -12/2014
24. A genuine sensation delivered by RT-RK: a receiver tester for on-the-go!
The system contains all components required for on-site receiver testing, no
matter where you are. The AV150 is mainly geared towards field staff of large
TV providers. Customers are no longer required to send in a faulty receiver
for inspection and wait for the repaired box or a replacement product. “As
it is often the case, the receiver is not to blame for the problem, but simply
incorrect user inputs,” says Vukota Pekovic. It is much more convenient
for the customer – as well as more efficient for the provider – to look at the
problem right at the customer’s home. “Using the AV150 a service technician
is able to test all receiver functions and find an optimum solution for technical
Testing Receiver on The Go
25. Even though this system is not yet in actual use, RT-RK has completed its
development and is ready for launching it: Content providers are given a tool that
allows them to monitor all functions of their channels in real-time. The system
uses receivers provided by the content company and installed at the customers’
end. Since these days most receivers are connected to the Internet, RT-RK uses
this Internet connection as return channel for evaluating a range of metadata sent
by the receiver. In particular, this involves the currently received transponder
and channel of the receiver as well as its signal strength. With the help of the
so-called INSIGHT software from RT-RK content providers can then look at a
graphical presentation of the current functions of their network. Seen here is a
simulation for the terrestrial DVB-T network in Serbia. Five receivers on the wall
simulate five different locations across the country and the displays show the
current reception quality: Yellow stands for OK, red indicates a weak signal. If
a content provider uses metadata from thousands of receivers instead of five, it
is possible to gain an exact insight into the current live state of its broadcasting
Receiver Network Testing
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