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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 1 -12/2014
MPEG-4 Encoder
MPEG-4 Conversion
in Real-time
CableWorld CW-4412
MPEG-4 Encoder Duo
Amazing results with this
very easy-to-use MPEG-4 encoder
When it comes to effi-
cient transmission of digi-
tal video signals, MPEG-4 is
THE established standard
these days. But then again,
head-ends are still frequent-
ly faced with analog source
signals or digital signals that
have been compressed us-
ing MPEG-2. If those signals
need to be provided in DVB-
S/S2, DVB-C/C2 or DVB-T/
T2 modulations, there is no
way around converting them
into the MPEG-4 format – in
And we’re not only talk-
ing country-wide cable
networks, mind you! Even
small-scale applications such
as a limited offering of TV
channels via DVB-C or DVB-
T in hotels or hospitals use
MPEG-4 as state-of-the-art
compression format, since it
handles signals much more
efficiently and therefore is
able to transmit more chan-
nels with better quality on
the same number of availa-
ble transponders. Given this
fact, it does not make sense
any more to throw money af-
ter MPEG-2.
While this sounds reason-
able enough in theory, the
real world poses a number
of challenges. What if de-
vices such as cameras or
reception equipment are not
yet capable of directly pro-
cessing MPEG-4 signals? Of
course, it’s always possible
to replace existing technolo-
gy with new state-of-the-art
equipment, but this involves
considerable amounts of
money. Opting for an MPEG-
4 decoder instead does away
with the need for such a ma-
jor investment.
Or you may simply want
to feed signals from MPEG-2
transponders into your local
MPEG-4 network. Here, too,
an MPEG-4 decoder is an ef-
ficient solution.
Or what if you need to dis-
tribute the content of your
PC monitor to a number of
workplaces in order to pre-
sent animations or simu-
lations in real-time? Once
again, an MPEG-4 decoder
will get you there without a
lot of hassle.
portfolio has been growing
CableWorld has four dif-
ferent MPEG-4 encoders on
offer, all of which belong the
same product family:
: single H.264
encoder with ASI and IP out-
: two H.264 en-
coders with ASI and IP out-
: single H.264
encoder with IP output
: two H.264 en-
coders with IP output
All of these four models
come with the same en-
coder type and an identical
front-end. This makes for re-
markable ease of operation
since all encoders feature
the same user interface. It
is thus possible to obtain dif-
ferently equipped encoders
So here we are, present-
ing to you a device that will
solve all those problems. It’s
called CW-4412 and comes
from CableWorld, a company
focusing on developing and
manufacturing professional
digital equipment such as
receivers, modulators, sig-
nal meters, transport stream
generators, analysers, mul-
tiplexers, converters as well
as MPEG decoders and en-
coders. CableWorld has been
in business for more than 20
years now and its product
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