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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 1 -12/2014
parameters are incorrect. To prevent
a total failure of the compression se-
quence the encoder attempts an au-
tomatic reset. In actual fact, this is by
far the easiest and frequently most ef-
ficient trouble shooting method availa-
ble. After all, who hasn’t been asked by
support staff “Have you tried turning it
OFF and ON again?“ Come to think of it,
why don’t all electronic devices behave
like that?
: This LED indicates that a net-
work cable is connected to the IP out-
: Each outgoing data packet
prompts this LED to flash, just like with
network switches.
: This LED becomes active as
soon as the device is switched on and
: As soon as a fibre-optic ca-
ble is attached to the device this status
LED lights up. The FIBER interface is
available as an option and our test en-
coder was not equipped with one.
The 10 LEDs do a tremendous job in
always keeping you informed about the
current status of the encoder. A short
glimpse is all you need to find out if an
error has occurred. We cannot praise
this feature highly enough, because we
3. The SW-4901 software is a generic appli-
cation for CableWorld devices. It can be
used to configure every networking aspect
of the CW-4412, including the IP streaming
options. The SW-4901 application is very
structured and the first tab will simply allow
the user to configure the correct IP address
to establish the communication link to the
device. The Query button will then test if
such connection has been established and
lists a sum-up of the device. If you don’t
remember what the correct IP address is,
don’t be ashamed – it happens to all of
us. CableWorld included a neat Search
function, which will detect the device in the
4. The second tab allows setting up the
network: which ports are to be used for
management and streaming and, of course,
you can set the desired IP address of the
5. The IP Receiver Platform tab is of no use
for the CW-4412 and can be ignored for this
device. It allows setting up incoming IP
Transport Streams.
6. It is the TS Sender Platform tab, which
has to be configured, in case IP output
is desired on the CW-4412. Because the
CW-4412 has two independent encoders,
the two upper groups, Transport Stream
Sender 1 and 2 are to be used. Configura-
tion is extremely self-explanatory, as all
required fields are presented with corres-
ponding names. If you want quick results,
just hit the Send TS button, as all pre-
established values are perfectly reasona-
ble. You may want to change from “Send
TS to Multicast” to “Send TS to IP”, in case
Unicast is needed.
7. The Schematic Diagram tab shows a pic-
ture explaining the common setup and the
last two tabs for Special Settings and the
SW-4800 Controller are best left for Cable-
World engineers, in case there is a problem
with the networking module.
know that in most cases technicians
have no end of other tasks to take care
of, so they’ll appreciate that there’s no
need to dig into several layers of status
menus to see what’s going on. A quick
look must do. And with the CW-4412 it
actually does.
The only way to operate and control
the CW-4412 is from a PC, which is why
we started out with visiting the manu-
facturer’s website at
- to download the required soft-
ware. Some may wonder why essential
software is not provided on CD or DVD
any longer, but these days manufactur-
ers can reasonably assume that buyers
of their products have Internet access,
and this way the latest software release
can be made available at any point in
time. If our opinion is anything to go by,
that’s the only way to go in this day and
age. But we digress…
In our case it was not even necessary
to download new software, since the
test unit came with the latest firmware
release which cannot only be controlled
with specially developed PC software
but also through the newly integrated
web interface, which can be accessed
from any standard web browser. We
tried out Internet Explorer, Firefox and
Chrome and found no fault with any
of them. All can be used to set up and
control the CW-4412 as required.
There’s only one little downer that we
should not keep secret: Current smart-
phones and tablets cannot be used
to control the CW-4412 because Java
Runtime – which would be essential for
that – is lacking. In addition, the imple-
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