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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 1 -12/2014
Web Frontend
23. SETTINGS – LAN SETTINGS: The LAN settings refer to the
CableWorld applications that allow controlling the CW-4412. While
you do need a Windows based PC, the application is very robust
and simple to use. Actually, I found both user interfaces useful and
actually quickly preferred to execute different tasks on one or the
24. SETTINGS – BACKUP & RESTORE: Being able to save and load
settings is mandatory for every professional device. CableWorld
has not let me down and provided this functionality in an easy to
access manner. This means that you can replicate a configuration
on different device or recover the configuration after a reset.
25. SETTINGS – FACTORY DEFAULTS: While I had no reason to
make use of the factory reset function, it is good to have it, should
you really end messing up completely the configuration of the
device or, more frequently, if you want to assign a new task to the
encoder: it is always best to start from scratch.
26. SETTINGS – SOFTWARE UPDATE: The firmware can naturally
be updated through the web-frontend.
27. HELP – HELP CONTENTS [ENG]: There it is. While the included
manual was just limited to two sheets of paper, explaining how
to open the web-frontend and where to load the PC applications
from, a full and extensive user manual is actually available on the
CW-4412’s web-frontend. This is clever, because it is exactly here,
where you actually need it.
on these parameters and then compress the signal accord-
ingly. This is a hugely complex process, and the fact that it
frequently has to happen in real-time doesn’t help either.
CableWorld does a great job for easing that situation: For
one thing, the CW-4412 does not accept incorrect or impos-
sible parameters in the first place. And for another, it shows
the formulae required to calculate meaningful parameters:
video bit rate >= max. video bit rate
video bit rate >= avg. video bit rate
1.5 x avg. video bit rate <= max. video bit rate
2 x avg. video bit rate >= max. video bit rate
0 < min. video bit rate <= 0.75 x avg. video bit rate
In addition, it provides recommended settings:
max. video bit rate = 2 x avg. video bit rate
max. video bit rate + 2 Mbps <= video bit rate
max. video bit rate + 4 Mbps >= video bit rate
If all input parameters are correct, one of the two encod-
ers of the CW-4412 will accept them and start to compress
the stream according to those specifications.
We tried out several different configurations on-the-fly and
– believe it or not – the compression process did not have
to be interrupted at all. Even on the receiver end we only
noticed short dropouts. This is a remarkable achievement
and we have to commend CableWorld for that, since it al-
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