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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 1 -12/2014
Advanced Settings
28. To configure the encoder, you start by selecting the correct
input source. Sources with embedded audio can be configured
to use an alternative analog audio source, which can make life a
lot easier. Small features like this make the CW-4412 a joy to work
29. In order to avoid any mistake or problem, you should manually
specify the input format. I would not want to trust an automatic
format recognition – problems could arise when you least expect
30. Depending on the selected input format, you can toggle bet-
ween different output formats. The rule is simple: you can down
convert a resolution, but you cannot upscale, which would require
completely different hardware and has dubious results, anyway.
But the fact that the CW-4412 is able to down convert, makes all
the difference: how else would you handle for instance an HDMI
video signal in Full HD from a PC, which is to be broadcasted as a
SD channel?
31. Though MPEG-4 Part 10 is an established format, which should
be supported by any decoder, it is sometimes necessary to fine
tune the video GOP structure, video profile and video level to
obtain best results for certain MPEG-4 decoder chipsets. Again,
CableWorld did not make any compromise and allows these confi-
gurations to match the installed receiver platform. This makes the
CW-4412 a versatile professional equipment.
32. Audio is naturally compressed according to MPEG-1 Layer
2 and as expected the CW-4412 allows a wide selection of all
common audio bitrates. It also supports AAC.
33. Now here is another amazing feature: if you are using the SDI
video input with separate analog audio input, then you can adjust
the audio volume – separately for the left and right audio channel.
34. Setting up the IP streaming functionality offers the complete
range of modes: Broadcast, Unicast and Multicast. Additionally,
you can select the stream to a specific MAC address.
35. No compromise in the UDP payload format: all options are
36. And you can configure the UDP payload size to your exact
37. You want to spend your time with other tasks and therefore you
would like to receive an automatic e-mail from the CW-4412 in case
something happens? No problem - just setup the relevant data.
lows technicians to intervene
whenever it is necessary to
adjust the bit rate to specific
or unexpected scenarios –
even right in the middle of
a broadcast. Thumbs up for
If an MPEG encoder is used
for continuous operation to
process a signal in real-time
the achieved video quality is
one deciding factor, but the
other major aspect is the
time delay that is caused by
the compression process.
It goes without saying that
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