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1 -12/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
cal network for distribution.
Overall, we never expected
latency to be so low.
of the
MPEG-4 encoder
We found out so far that
the CW-4412 did an excellent
job with whatever task we
demanded from it. But how
about devices on the receiv-
ing end of created MPEG-4
Part 10 transport streams?
Would they just as happily
accept the signals provided
by the encoder? There’s only
one way to find out – giv-
ing it a try! To that end, we
modulated the transport
stream provided through
the ASI output into various
signal types: DVB-T, DVB-C
and DVB-S2. Then we took
standard consumer receiv-
ers to process those signals.
All receivers we tested
processed and presented the
MPEG-4 Part 10 transport
stream created by the CW-
4412 with almost the same
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