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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 1 -12/2014
USB Receiver for MIS
USB DVB-S2 Receiver
for Multi Input Streams
It wasn‘t too long ago
when we introduced to you
here in TELE-audiovision a
solution for the reception
of MIS (Multi Input Stream)
frequencies in the form of a
PCI card from Tenow for a
PC (see TELE-satellite issue
12-01/2012). Now Tenow has
developed another device
that can be used to receive
MIS: the TBS QBOX 5925 is
the first USB compatible MIS
The QBOX is about the size
of a pack of cigarettes and
is enclosed in a high-quality
metal housing. On one side
of the box you‘ll find the USB
port for connection to a PC,
an IR receiver as well as two
status LEDs. On the other
side there‘s the tuner input
with looped-through output
plus the connection for the
external 12V power supply.
The remote control included
by the manufacturer is very
practical and impressed us
just as much as the box itself
with its high-quality work-
The tuner in the TBS QBOX
5925 can receive signals in
the 950-2150 MHZ frequen-
cy range with an input signal
level from -69 to -23dBm.
It can work with symbol-
rates from 0.2 to 45 Ms/s
in both DVB-S and DVB-S2
modes and also supports all
the popular demodulation
modes, namely 8PSK, QPSK,
16APSK and 32 APSK. The
TBS QBOX does not place
any extreme requirements
on the PC it will be connect-
ed to; for DVB-S reception a
1 GHz Pentium III CPU with
256 MB of memory is good
enough. For DVB-S2 recep-
tion a machine with a 3 GHz
Pentium IV CPU and 1GB of
memory is recommended. A
free USB port is also neces-
sary and shouldn‘t present
Best suited
for real satellite enthusiasts
TELE-audiovision first presented the new
MIS technology in issue 12-01/2012. Read
the full report here:
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