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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 1 -12/2014
standard a satellite channel
is transmitted with a fixed
modulation mode and er-
ror correction code. In other
words, all of the receivers
wherever they may be in
the footprint of the satellite
receive the same signal and
process it identically.
At first glance this technol-
ogy appears to be logical and
correct but if you look again
you‘ll recognize the disad-
vantage: since they are all
receiving the same signal,
the receivers cannot react
the same way to especially
strong signals in a satellite‘s
primary footprint as they
can with especially weaker
signals in the outer edges
of the same satellite‘s foot-
print. With stronger signals
a smaller error correction
is required and a more effi-
cient modulation would suf-
fice but with weaker signals
it‘s the other way around: a
11. Blindscan Tool for the TBS QBOX 5925
12. The BlindScan tool can recognize transponders with very low
as well as very high symbolrates. Even MIS transponders were
instantly recognized.
13. TS Recorder can store the selected transponder stream in a TS
file on the hard drive of a PC.
14. Results of a BlindScan of HOTBIRD at 13° east. A total of 120
active transponders were found.
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