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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 1 -12/2014
TV via IP
TV & Radio Distributed
Throughout the Entire House
Using Your Own Network
A new and especially in-
novative solution for distrib-
uting satellite signals is the
Triax TSS400 satellite-IP
converter. It converts sat-
ellite signals in such a way
that they can be carried via a
network. The metal housing
is very durable and suitable
for installation in the attic or
basement. It is not water re-
sistant and therefore should
not be mounted outside. It
should also be installed in a
location where the surround-
ing temperature will be be-
tween 0°C and 40°C (32°F
and 104°F).
There are a total of four
colored LNB ports available
for connection to a Quad
or Quattro LNB. In this way
the maximum of four users
will all have access to all the
transponders of a satellite at
the same time. The TSS400
is connected to the local net-
work through an RS-45 net-
work interface (Gigabit) plus
there is also a USB port on
the converter for software
updates as well as a jack
for the external power sup-
ply and a main power switch.
Two LEDs on the top of the
converter provide current
operational status informa-
The TSS400 can be config-
ured and controlled through
an integrated web server.
Since in the basic settings
it gets its IP address from
the router via DHCP, you
initially have to locate the
IP address. For this purpose
Triax recommends the free
software „Developer Tools
for UPnP Technologies“ that
can be downloaded via the
Internet from here: http://
Once the IP address has
been identified, it merely
needs to be entered into the
PC‘s web browser and just
like that you end up in the
password-protected TSS400
web server. After entering
„satip_admin“ (the password
can, of course, be personal-
Triax TSS400
Very easy way to distribute and view
FTA satellite channels through
your own network
that this is also supported by
the TSS400. In the Diagnose
section a static frequency
can be set up on each of the
four tuners which can then
be transmitted through the
local network as an IPTV
stream via freely selectable
Multicast addresses and in-
dividual ports. This will also
help to solve the problem of
so many different PIDs on
one transponder; the user
can individually determine
which PIDs should be carried
and which should not. If a
ized later on), the options
Network Settings, Software
Upgrade, LNB Settings, Di-
agnose and System Status
all become available. Now,
for example, the TSS400‘s IP
data can be modified. In the
LNB Settings the local oscil-
lator frequency (LOF) for the
low and high band can be
manually entered. Even the
switching frequency (from
low to high band) can be en-
tered here. Those of you that
have SCR single cable solu-
tions will be happy to know
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