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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 1 -12/2014
15. Settings for the Elgato
Sat>IP Software
16. The audio from the current
channel can continue to play
in the background while other
Apps are being used
17. The size of the Timeshift
cache memory can be set as
18. The channel list
downloaded from the Internet
can be modified to your
personal tastes
19. If the prepared channel
list is used, then many of the
broadcaster logos will also be
20. Country selection in the
Elgato Sat>IP software
terference or any other kind
of interruptions. Only when
we performed a really heavy
load test using an iPhone and
an iPad while simultaneously
running two recordings on a
PC were we able to detect
some sporadic interference,
but they weren‘t really both-
And regarding a PC: natu-
rally you can also access the
four Triax TSS400 tuners via
a PC using, for example, the
DVBViewer software. Thanks
to the freely accessible in-
structions available on the
Triax website it is extremely
easy to correctly set up all
the necessary parameters.
And, of course, it doesn‘t
matter if you‘re dealing with
HD or SD content plus there‘s
features like EPG or multi-
ple recordings at the same
time. Thanks to the practical
DVBViewer‘s PVR functions,
the user has the ability to
store his favorite programs
directly on the PC. Convert-
ing them to DVD or Blue-Ray
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