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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 1 -12/2014
19. In the Meta Data section
the user can enter in detailed
information to an individual
20. The menus can be
21. Individual buttons, images,
background images, text -
everything is doable.
age (x86). It may all sound
a little complicated at first
but you can rest easy, the
Installation Assistant takes
care of all the software set-
tings without you having to
do a thing.
Once this step is com-
pleted, the next step is the
initial settings of the DVR-
Studio HD and this begins
with selecting the language.
Both German and English
are available. In order for
DVR-Studio HD to function
as best as possible, it is rec-
ommended that you identify
to the software the source of
the digital TV recordings.
The manufacturer put to-
gether an extensive data-
base of receivers, cameras
and PC cards from which to
choose from. We also liked
that a colored icon makes
it easy to see if DVR-Studio
HD is able to output edited
recordings in a format that
the receiver can understand.
Besides burning DVDs and
Blu-Ray discs, this is also a
function that many users uti-
lize quite often.
While the first version of
DVR-Studio HD still has re-
strictions in place regarding
editing individual recordings
and storing all the informa-
tion separately, it is however
possible to work on projects
where all the information is
centrally stored in one lo-
cation allowing it to be eas-
ily accessed with a single
mouse click.
While working on the initial
settings, the user can also
activate another useful fea-
ture, namely the automatic
recognition of commercials.
During a movie, it is able to
identify the altered picture
format of the commercials
and insert the cut marks on
its own. These cut marks can
be set as positive cut marks
or negative cut marks; in
other words, the user can
choose whether he likes the
marked section and wants to
keep it (positive cut) or if it
should be deleted (negative
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