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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 01-02/2015

replacing/adding a module to the base


Sumavision was founded in 2000 by

Haitao Zheng who, together with five

employees, manufactured housings as

their first product.

But this phase didn‘t last too long; the

young company hired numerous soft-

ware developers and introduced a new

CAS software in 2003 with which Suma-

vision captured their first customers in

the USA in 2005.

Sumavision has been participating in

all of the critical broadcast trade shows

around the world since 2006. In 2014

Sumavision had more than 2000 em-

ployees of which half are in R&D.

Linda Guo, Sales Director for America

and Europe, tells us how Sumavision‘s

sales are distributed: „65% of our sales

are here in China while the remaining

35% is exported.“

The export side of their sales climbs

about 5% each year: „In 2013 the sales

ratio was 70% to 30%; in 2015 we ex-

pect that ratio to be 60% to 40%.“

With such a large portion of their sales

going to export, the question then be-

comes: how does Sumavision handle

after-sales support?

Broadcasters that have acquired their

entire network system from Sumavision

demand speedy reaction to technical is-


1. Walter Wang was Sumavision's

President for the International

Market (in meantime he moved on

to a new position) and was heavily

involved in the development of the

patented EMR platform

2. George Nie is Sales Manager and

shows us how easy it is: simply

slide the module in and that's it.