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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 01-02/2015

Yang Tao is


Deputy General


TV Satellite Operator


Chinese Satellite



Every TV channel in China that is

broadcast via satellite utilizes the sat-

ellites from national satellite provider

Chinasatcom. Up until now, the domes-

tic Chinese market was good enough

for this operator but they have begun

expanding into the international mar-

ket albeit very carefully and in very

small steps. To learn more about this

we paid a visit to Chinasatcom’s head-

quarters in Beijing, China.

In the 1980‘s, Chinasatcom’s prede-

cessor company took over the task of

providing China with satellite services.

Back then it was mostly telephony

and data traffic. The first TV channels

started broadcasting in the 1990s and

in 2001 Chinasatcom (China Satellite

Communications Co., Ltd.) was of-

ficially founded as a subsidiary to the

national Chinese space authority China

Aerospace Science. Chinasatcom oper-

ates the fleet of CHINASAT satellites

and is also involved with the operator

(headquartered in Hong Kong) of the

APSTAR satellites.

Chinasatcom’s headquarters can be

found in the enormous Xibeiwang IT

park northwest of Beijing. Many other

IT firms such as the computer manu-

facturer Lenovo and the Chinese In-

ternet search engine Baidu can also be

found here.

Chinasatcom erected their control

center on their grounds right next to

the satellite dishes from the China Me-

teorological Authority. Chinasatcom‘s

fleet of satellites are all controlled with

more than 30 very large 15-meter

dishes and many more smaller satel-

lite dishes.

We met up with Yang Tao in the main

building. He is the Deputy General

Manager in the Sales Department and

from him we learn more about China-

satcom: „All Chinese satellite TV chan-