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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 01-02/2015

current and next events, sta-

tus information about the cur-

rently watched channel, and

a concise weather report for

a location that can be freely

selected in Settings. Admit-

tedly, this is a somewhat un-

conventional idea, but we

found it’s a really practical

use of status bar space.

We did like the fact that

whenever the receiver is re-

cording an event, the channel

list clearly indicates which of

the other channels can still be

received live. Unfortunately,

however, the S1-44HD 3D can

only take care of one record-

ing at a time.

Let’s now have a look at

the electronic program guide,

which sports an easy-to-use

design and either displays a

preview of six channels on a

single screen, or the entire

programming schedule of

one channel. HBBtv may also

turn out to be a convenient

feature for many, as it can

be used to call up extended

EPG information or to access

content libraries and online

services that are offered by a

number of TV providers.

A thing that struck us again

and again during everyday

use is the excellent video and

audio quality delivered by

this new satellite receiver. In

addition, the remote control

with its numerous dedicated

buttons for specific functions

has proven its worth on many

occasions. Need to change

the soundtrack language,

activate subtitles, access an

external storage medium,

adjust the video resolution or

call up a list of stored timer

entries? Consider it done with

the touch of a button, since

you’re never more than one

button away from execution.

We particularly appreciated

the button that launched a

virtual mouse cursor on the

TV screen, which can then be

moved with the remote con-

trol’s arrow buttons. In Linux

mode this virtual cursors is

without function, but when

we move to the Android side

of the S1-44HD 3D now, this

changes dramatically, as we

are about to see.

The Android operating sys-

23. Channel list and favourites

lists editor

24. Channel list editor

25. Favourites lists editor

26. The channel list can be

saved onto an external storage

medium and later be restored

from there again, if necessary

27. App categories

28. List of currently installed


29. Log-in to Google Play

Store using an existing Google


30. Google Play Store

31. Apps are available for

virtually all uses

32. Google Android settings

33. Weather forecast

34. YouTube app

35. Recording a program

36. While a recording is taking

place, the channel list only

shows those channels that can

actually be received

37. Adding a timer entry

tem opens the door to mil-

lions of apps which can be



to the receiver from Google

Play Store. Facebook, e-mail,

Twitter, calculator, calendar,

web browser or games – you

name it and Google Play Store

will most certainly have it.

Apart from the virtual mouse

that can be launched with

the remote control, it is also

possible to connect an actual

keyboard and mouse to the

receiver so that typing and

navigating become a much

smoother affair. During our

test we tried out a number

of different apps, all of which

were launched and executed

flawlessly. At no time did we

get the impression that we

were pushing the receiver to

its limits. We believe it would

take special games that re-

quire an enormous amount of

processing and graphics pow-

er to come even close.

The benefits offered by

Android become particularly

visible when it comes to mul-

timedia features. The built-in

media player of the S1-44HD

3D is compatible with all cur-

rent video formats as well

as with the popular MP3 and

WMA audio formats. Photos

can be presented in great

style to friends and fam-

ily with the help of an image

viewer, no matter whether

the pictures are stored on the