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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 01-02/2015


Multi Norm Digital TV Signal Analyser

It’s more than

just more – it’s

better too!

Deviser has released a firm-

ware update for its S7000 sig-

nal analyser. Regular readers

will recall that we introduced

this meter in TELE-audiovi-

sion issues 09-10/2013 and

11-12/2013 and the excellent

results it scored in our test

back then still resonate loudly

and clearly. The range of fea-

tures and functions the S7000

offers is simply jaw-dropping.

To be honest, we’re probably

talking about the most versa-

tile meter currently available,

and one that will please pro-

fessional installers, head-end

technicians and broadcast en-

gineers in equal measure.

The main feature the new

firmware adds is IPTV com-

patibility: While an IPTV op-

tion was listed already in pre-

vious firmware versions, it

has only been in beta mode

up until now. A fully-fledged

IPTV mode is now available

starting with software version

1.01.42/1.01.43-6. We should

mention that you have to pay

Deviser S7000


A single meter for measuring

all digital TV standards

Read the complete test report:

Read the complete test report:

Even our testcentre has

many professional devices

delivering IPTV content. It

is important to have a meter

to quickly verify what is

happening in the network.