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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 01-02/2015



15. Configuring the IPTV

options of a DekTec DTE-3137

Network DVB-S/S2 Receiver.

16. Configuring a professional

MPEG Encoder with two

modulators and IPTV server.

17. Of course you can analyse

the IPTV with Windows based

applications like TSReader


18. …but for that you need to

know the UDP Address and

Port Number. What if, you don’t

know these? Then you have a

problem, unless you have the

Deviser S7000.

many cases, users have to

press a certain button or key

when turning on the receiver

to change from launch mode

to update mode.

The new firmware version

for the DEVISER S7000 also

requires a new bootloader,

which means the bootloader

needs to be updated before

anything else. This is a very

critical step, since any device

must have a functioning boot-

loader. If the bootloader fails,

the device invariable fails as

well. This means you have to

make absolutely sure noth-

ing can interrupt the update

process for the bootloader.

If that happens, you have

successfully destroyed the

bootloader and will end up

scratching your head in de-

spair. If our word is anything

to go by, we’d fully charge the

battery of the S7000 before

even thinking about updating

the bootloader. Apparently,

Deviser follows a cautious ap-

proach too, since the menu

item required can only by ac-

cessed when the power pack

is attached to the meter.

The actual preparation for

updating the bootloader is a

very streamlined process: All

we had to do was unzip the

compressed archive onto a

USB storage medium. This

resulted in the creation of a

new directory labelled “devis-

er_s7000”, which includes all

files required for the update

sequence, including boot-

loader update.

This USB storage medium

needs to be connected to the

USB port of the S7000 be-

fore the meter is turned on –

pressing the button with the

screwdriver icon at the same

time. This will activate a spe-

cial update menu of the cur-

rently installed bootloader.

We should note at this stage

that you can initiate updates

both via USB and over the lo-

cal network using TFTP, an

option that is quite extraor-

dinary among signals meters.

Selecting the USB option as

a next step will launch anoth-

er menu indicating the vari-

ous functional areas of the

meter that can be updated:

• CFE Upgrade: Choose this

option to update the boot-