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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 03-04/2015

Ralf Haenlein is owner of Haenlein

Software. The company develops PVR

software for digital TV receivers.

The Video Software


for Receivers

Almost every digital TV receiver today,

regardless if it‘s for satellite, cable or

terrestrial reception, has a PVR function.

And just the fact that it‘s digital means

that these digital TV programs can eas-

ily be recorded. Many TV viewers create

an archive and store TV programs on a

hard drive. And this is fine as long as

the same receiver continues to be used.

But if you get a new receiver, then the

questions start to pop up: are all of my

recordings compatible with the new re-

ceiver? And then along the same lines,

many viewers like to be able to edit their

recordings, whether it‘s to shorten them

or cut out the commercials. Some re-

ceivers can do this through one of the

menus but it‘s rarely easy to use.

The software company Haenlein fo-

cused themselves precisely on

this niche and offers software

for both of these situations: the

compatibility of TV recordings be-

tween different receivers as well as a

comfortable and intuitive user interface

for editing TV recordings. The company

Haenlein has been so successful at this

that we decided to take a closer look at

their operation. In a small town west of

Frankfurt in the Haenlein family‘s home

you‘ll find the company‘s headquarters.

In addition to the company‘s owner Ralf

Haenlein and his son Sascha Haenlein

who is the actual software programmer,

there‘s a third employee, Tobias Muel-

ler, who lives nearby and is responsible

for the HD technology. Even though the

Haenlein team lives very close to each

other, they still communicate with each

other as is typical today through Skype.

Ralf Haenlein explains to us how it all

got started: „I‘m an X-ray technician by

trade. I built my first satellite system

in 1992.“ But his first go-around with

software was not with TV channels for

satellite reception, rather it was macro

programs for the Excel spreadsheet pro-

gram. „In 1999 I founded a small com-

pany and sold my programs as a side


As you can see, Ralf Haenlein start-


Software Developer Haenlein, Germany