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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 03-04/2015

Ralf‘s son Sascha completed his training

and in 2010 the decision was made: the

father/son team opted to become self-

sufficient; they even hired an additional


Since then the small team devel-

oped and released the HD3 version of

the software. It can be proudly report-

ed that since 2006 over 5000 licenses

have been sold each year. „Most of our

customers are from German-speaking

countries but we also have customers

from almost every country in the world.“

Haenlein is in the process of further in-

ternationalizing the software by expand-

ing the number of different menu lan-

guages available such that nearly every

language is covered. „We also offer an

editor that can, for example, be used by

dealers to localize the software.“

Haenlein above all utilizes local deal-

ers and distributors for the interna-

tionalization and export: „We offer two

sales models: the direct sale of licenses

with a 20% commission and for receiver

manufacturers the sale through promo

versions and promo store with a 15%

commission. This system is fully auto-

matic and doesn‘t require any work from

the provider.“ And it‘s this last variant

that provides PVR receiver manufactur-

ers with another indirect advantage:

„The manufacturers no longer need to

worry about handling customer inquir-

ies on PVR functions; this is automati-

cally taken care of by Haenlein.“ Another

advantage is that Haenlein‘s software is

much easier to use compared to a built-

in video editor provided by a receiver


Software programmer Sascha Haen-

lein highlights yet another very impor-

tant argument: „Our software is receiv-

er-independent - it can be used with

many different receivers; the specifica-

tions of many of the available PVR re-

ceivers have been stored on our Inter-

net servers.“ What‘s so great about this?

Simple: TV programs that were recorded

in a receiver‘s own format can be con-

verted to another receiver‘s format. This

makes it extremely easy to exchange TV

recordings among different receivers.

The TV recordings are thereby compat-

ible with each other. Sascha Haenlein

explains: „Basically, every receiver just

records the transponder stream signal

1. From the roof window you can see the

1.2-meter antenna with dual LNB that is

used by Haenlein.

2. To test their software with real TV

signals, Haenlein installed a well-thought-

out satellite system: here you can see the

multiswitch that distributes the signals

from three satellites throughout the house.