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03-04/2015 —

TELE-audiovision International —


but each receiver manufacturer expands

these streams through specific data. Our

software recognizes this additional data

and can adjust it so that the transponder

stream can be played back on a differ-

ent receiver.“ Haenlein has been operat-

ing this centralized server since 2009. It

currently contains the information from

829 different receiver models from 225

different receivers manufacturers.

The small software company Haenlein

has shown quite impressively that you

can have success even with a very small

niche product like a PVR Video Editor

program for digital receivers. If a com-

pany manages to further advance the

internationalization of its product, it can

easily become the market leader in that

particular segment.

3. An example of the cooperation with

receiver manufacturers: the manufacturers

include their own CD-ROM in the package

which includes a test version of Haenlein's

software on the CD. As soon as the customer

purchases the full version of the software,

the receiver manufacturer receives a

commission. An added advantage for the

manufacturer: customer questions regarding

the PVR functions are handled by Haenlein,

and not the manufacturer.