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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 03-04/2015

Arnor Sigurthorsson

is one of the three

EICO co-owners.

EICO has been doing business since

1979, and if you wonder what the com-

pany name stands for, we have a very

simple answer for you: The first two

letters are taken from the first name

of company founder Erikur Gislason,

and the second two letters are short

for company.

EICO’s extensive sales and stor-

age premises are located in Reykja-

vik’s commercial area, not far from

the city’s port. This is where we meet

up with two of the three current own-

ers of the business, since the founder

himself passed away in 1994.

Arnor Sigurthorsson is one of them,

and he walks down memory lane with

us. “Initially, EICO mainly dealt with

installing radio antennas in cars, as

well as TV antennas in houses and

apartments.” In 2009 the three cur-

rent owners took over the business

from the deceased founder’s brother,

and today EICO is well renowned all

over the place as a wholesaler and

retailer for antennas and all related

installation material. EICO serves cus-

tomers from the whole of Iceland with

everything from satellite dishes and

TV antennas to complex distribution


“In 2012 we’ve begun to use Glo-

balInvacom’s fibre-optic system,” Ar-

nor Sigurthorsson explains and leaves

no doubt that he is absolutely thrilled

by this technology. “We’re currently

supplying fibre-optic cables to more

than 100 apartments of a large resi-

dential complex.” Some of the build-

ings are between 200 and 300 me-

ters apart, and “the GlobalInvacom

system is just about perfect for such

a scenario. Satellite signals arrive at

each node absolutely loss-free.” A

multi-switch outside the apartments

converts the distributed signal back

into a coax signal so that an available

standard coax cable can be plugged

into each receiver. “This makes sure

all existing cabling inside the apart-

ments can be used even with the up-

graded distribution technology.”

Sigthor Sigthorsson is another co-

owner of EICO, and he puts us in the

picture as far as satellite components

are concerned. “We sell some 400 to

500 satellite dishes each year. The

most popular diameter is 85 cm, which

is the ideal size for reception of ASTRA



for Iceland


Antenna Wholesaler and Retailer EICO, Iceland