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TELE-audiovision International —


Every once in a while, however, a

customer walks in and asks for a 100

cm antenna too. “Those are mainly

people who are originally from Poland,

and who want to stay in touch with

their home country through all the

Polish channels on HOTBIRD 13°E,”

Sigthor Sigthorsson explains. “But to

put things into perspective, this is only

about five percent of our customers.”

In general, he believes in a bright fu-

ture of satellite reception Iceland: “Af-

ter all, it’s still the least expensive way

of watching a wide range of attractive

TV channels.”

At the same time, EICO has been

a major player in the field of MMDS

installations, but the future of this

technology in Iceland is very uncer-

tain. “We expect the MMDS system

to be discontinued.” The local MMDS

provider currently offers almost 100

TV channels over the S band, which

can be received with small parabolic

antennas. “The MMDS system was

launched in 1993 and we experienced

an absolute peak in 1996. Since then,

however, MMDS customers have

switched to cable in increasing num-


As they say, you win some and you

lose some. The important thing is that

the three EICO owners won’t stand still

but will gladly take any new chances

they come across along their way.

And in the end signals need to be

distributed, no matter where they

originally come from.

EICO is certain to stay on top. On

top in terms of geography, and – more

importantly – on top in terms of tech-


View of the extensive sales room, where

EICO showcases satellite antennas and

other reception equipment.