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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 03-04/2015

16. A/V settings

17. The receiver can be

customised to meet personal


18. OSD settings

19. OSD settings

20. OSD settings

21. EPG settings

22. PVR settings

23. PVR settings

ages. And it goes without

saying that channel list edit-

ing can be done in a breeze

as well, right in channel list

view and without having to

dig deep into a specific sub-

menu that never seems to be

where you look for it anyway.

One of the tastiest treats of

the F1 receiver is its electron-

ic program guide. Not only

does it present a preview for

one or more channels for sev-

eral days in advance, it can

even be set to list all events

sorted by name. Why is that

so great? Because it makes

looking for a movie or your

favourite show so much eas-

ier, especially since repeats

are frequently only shown on

sub-channels of major net-

works in some countries and

many times you simply don’t

know which channel some-

thing is on. What’s more, the

EPG of the Formuler F1 sup-

ports proprietary EPG sys-

tems from a number of pay

TV providers as well. Media-