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since 1981

Alexander Wiese


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Alexander Wiese,

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Letter to The Editor

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TELE-audiovision was established in 1981 and today is the oldest, largest and most-read digital tv trade magazine in the world.

TELE-audiovision is seen by more than 350,000 digital tv professionals around the world.


TELE-audiovision, Postfach 1234, D-85766 München-Ufg


Alexander Wiese (verantwortlich) Anschrift wie Verlag


TELE-audiovision Magazine GmbH, Aschheimer Weg 19, D-85774 Unterföhring

Inhaber: Alexander Wiese, Verleger, Unterföhring


Alexander Wiese (verantwortlich), Anschrift wie Verlag

Dear Readers,

In this issue of TELE-audiovision we’ll show you a number

of devices that utilize more than one tuner. And that’s

how it should be; for the viewer it doesn’t matter at all

what path his favorite channels take to get to his TV.

What’s nice is that now signal analyzers with two tuners

are becoming more and more popular; and with these

instruments, there are often configurations where two

tuners would be able to provide excellent services.

But having more than one tuner is not all that matters;

you still have to be able to get the best out of it that you

can. That’s why, in this issue of TELE-audiovision we are

introducing a signal analyzer that can do everything that

you can possibly think of. Even more remarkable is yet

another instrument, an amplifier, that can do far more

than was ever thought possible: the output signal is

much better than the original input signal. Yes, miracles

do happen, you just have to take technology to levels it

has never gone before!

Alexander Wiese

Editor-in-Chief TELE-audiovision Magazine