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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 03-04/2015

always, we mention those

features for the sake of com-


Language tracks and sub-

titles – if available – can be

selected totally hassle-free,

and with the integrated pic-

ture-in-picture function you

can make creative use of

those tiresome commercial

breaks that always seem to

drag on forever.

What used to be a small

sensation a few years back

has meanwhile become ba-

sic fare for all but the most

basic Linux-based receiv-

ers: plugins. Thanks to its

default OpenPLI software

the Formuler F1 comes with

a comprehensive plugin li-

brary that offers all sorts

of handy helpers and addi-

tional applications. Web in-

terface, media player, OTT

features or softcams anyone?

Just press a few buttons on

the remote and voilà, as if

by miracle your receiver will

have learned new tricks and

treats. The sky is the limit

when it comes to your curi-

osity and eagerness to try

things out, and the number of

plugins increases by the min-

ute, thanks to an ever-grow-

ing community of users with

Linux-based receivers.

On the multimedia track the

Formuler F1 is just as com-

petitive as in all other fields.

Supporting all current audio

(M4A, MP3, WMA) and video

(AVI, DivX, Flash, MP4, MPEG,

TS and WMV) file types you’ll

be hard pressed to serve it a

file that it won’t willingly ac-

cept and play back. And for

presenting those latest holi-

day photos you need not look

anywhere else either, as the

F1 will do the trick.

It was a bold move by For-

muler to label its new receiv-

er F1, but after this in-depth

test we can state that its

name is no exaggeration. This

triple tuner PVR receiver can

rightly be regarded as a race

car eagerly mastering any

race track. Thanks to gener-

ously selected hardware with

a BCM7356B2 CPU clocked at

1300 MHz plus 512 MB flash

memory and 1GB DDR RAM,

the default software has a

walk-over when it comes to

executing all user commands.


Three images for the Formuler F1 are available for download:

85. OpenPLI:

86. HDMU:

87. OpenATV: