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03-04/2015 —

TELE-audiovision International —


if your antenna is aligned cor-

rectly to the desired satellite,

you can initiate a transponder

search right away and work

yourself from correct to opti-

mum alignment. Once the de-

sired satellite and transpond-

ers have been confirmed, the

CB200 HD begins to measure

away immediately and dis-

plays signal strength, signal

quality and BER on the screen

both as bars and with exact

numeric values. The currently

measured transponders can

easily be changed with a sin-

gle touch of a button, a bonus

that pleased us no end during

our test. In addition, the LOF

and DiSEqC parameters can

be adjusted just as conveni-

ently. The manufacturer has

pre-set frequently used LOFs

that should cover most LNB

types, including SCR LNBs,

and even if you encounter an

LNB that uses a more exotic

LOF you’re entirely free to en-

ter any frequency manually.

Looking at the technical

specifications of a device

is all well and good, yet it’s

only during an in-depth test

that some features score

more points than others. In

the case of the CB200 HD

we thoroughly appreciated

the fact that the transpond-

er list can be edited right in

the search mode. On the

one hand this saves valuable

time, and on the other hand

it also uncovers the user in-

terface strategy designed for

the CB200 HD: In a nutshell,

MKTech has tried to create as

few separate menu items as

possible, while at the same

time making sure all required

functions can be accessed

right when and where they

are needed.

The channel search that

follows next can safely be

restricted to free-to-air chan-

nels, as the CB200 HD is

not equipped with a CI slot

or internal card reader any-

way. And if you don’t require

a network search, this ad-

ditional option can be deac-

tivated as well. As soon as

the search is completed, the

meter will switch to the first

detected channel and will