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03-04/2015 —

TELE-audiovision International —


which means you have all

necessary movement and

adjustment options at your

disposal for an effortless

setup. What’s more, the new

MKTech meter calculates the

azimuth and elevation values

for each desired satellite as

soon as the meter’s current

location is entered. This way

all parameters are always at

your fingertips, or rather:

right before your eyes.

To finish things off, the

MKTech CB200 HD obviously

also comes with a spectrum

display mode, which can even

be restricted to a specific fre-

quency range, if need be.

In addition, all parameters

(polarisation, 22 kHz signal,

LOF, DiSEqC) can be changed

quickly thanks to correspond-

ing function keys. The dis-

played bandwidth can be set

at either 4 or 16 MHz. As soon

as a signal peak in the spec-

trum has been identified and

selected with the help of the

navigation buttons, this peak

can be measured and evalu-

ated immediately. All you re-

quire is a little patience, since

the spectrum display reacts

rather slowly to changed re-

ception conditions.

From a technical point of

view, the CB200 HD supports

the QPS, 8PSK, 16APSK and

32APSK modulations in DVB-

S2 mode, with symbol rates

from 2 to 55 Mbps. The in-

put frequency range extends

from 950 to 2150 MHz, as

usual, and the input signal

level must be between 25

dBµV and 100 dBµV, accord-

ing to the manufacturer’s


Turning to terrestrial signal

measurement now, this sec-

tion of the meter basically

follows the same principles

as the DVB-S2 section, but of

course is specifically adapted

to the peculiarities of ISDB-

T. In the frequency selec-

tion field users can either

enter the desired frequency

manually or choose the tar-

get channel from a list. Here,

too, it is possible to edit ex-

isting entries and to add new

entries at all times. Any of

the listed frequencies can be

selected for a manual search.