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Thomas Haring

Test Center


MKTech CB200 HD

Dual Tuner Meter


TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 03-04/2015

● The MKTech CB200 HD is a very handy and lightweight meter

which excels thanks to great usability and a logical and straightfor-

ward on-screen design.

● The F sockets become very hot after prolonged use.

Similar to DVB-S2 reception,

it is possible to perform an

automatic signal scan across

the entire frequency band.

The Transponder Identifica-

tion feature clearly indicates

MER, BER, signal strength

and signal quality in an easy-

to-read way, which means

aligning a terrestrial anten-

na for perfect reception be-

comes child’s play.

Packet Control is available

in ISDB-T mode as well, just

as for DVB-S2, and here, too,

it allows simultaneous moni-

toring of up to eight frequen-

cies on the built-in screen.

What about spectrum mode

for terrestrial signals? We can

tick that box!

Speaking of spectrum anal-

ysis, the CB200 HD allows

selecting certain criteria to

speed up the spectrum dis-

play’s response time. That’s

a very clever feature, as it

makes antenna alignment

with the help of spectrum re-

sults so much easier. From a

technical point of view, the

MKTech meter supports the

16QAM, 64QAM and QPSK

modulations with an input

frequency range from 107

to 858 MHz. Should your an-

tenna come with active signal

amplification and therefore

require 5V supply voltage,

the CB200 HD can happily

provide it.

While the measurement

specs of a meter are of course

the details everyone’s focus-

sing on, we should not forget

to look at the received chan-

nels of a transponder or fre-

quency and how they can be

used or processed. Luckily,

the MKTech CB200 HD does

not leave us out in the cold in

that regard. It even goes the

extra mile by not only provid-

ing all standard functions we

would have expected, but by

also allowing the currently

received transponder or fre-

quency stream to be stored

onto an external storage me-

dium. Now that’s what we call

a real treat!

The PC Update item of the

main menu can be used to

update the CB200 HD’s soft-

ware with the help of an ex-

ternal storage medium, but

also offers a basic jukebox

for playing back MP3 audio

and TS video. In addition, you

will also find a built-in image

viewer. MKTech even throws

in an integrated file manager

that can be used to delete or

rename files on an external

USB storage medium and to

completely format the stor-

age medium, which is another

great idea.

By the end of our in-depth

test, the MKTech CB200 HD

had become a much loved

tool for antenna installation,

not least thanks to its truly

low weight. We succeeded in

perfectly aligning several sat-

ellite antennas, with a tricky

multi-focus antenna among

them. In addition, we were

able to enjoy flawless ISDB-T

reception in our test center.