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Jacek Pawlowski

Test Center



Optical to Electrical Converter


03-04/2015 —

TELE-audiovision International —


● Very strong and regulated output signal

● Signal quality is even improved due to error correction during


● The number of available outputs is multiplied by at least 32


● none

and connected it to our test

setup. Finally, we measured

the very last output of the

Quad GTU. Because this was

the same signal as from a

regular universal LNB we

were able to compare the

output of a whole GlobalIn-

vacom distribution system

with the output of a regular

good quality universal Ku-

Band LNB – our reference.

The results shown in the

graphs are breathtaking. Not

only the channel power of

all transponders was much

stronger and regulated at 80

dBμV throughout the whole

Ku-Band but also signal

quality, expressed here as

Modulation Error Ratio, im-


This is something impos-

sible with regular amplifiers.

Signal quality will always de-

grade when measured along

a long distribution system

using analog amplifiers. But

the combination of the GI

FibreIRS O2E and the GI Fi-

breIRS ODU is not just an

amplifier. The original signal

is regenerated and during

this process digital errors

are detected and fixed in a

similar way a diital tv receiv-

er is doing it when process-

ing a transport stream. Am-

plified, regulated and with

removed errors, the signal is

then ready to be split again

by an optical splitter and

sent hundreds of meters fur-

ther through fibre optical ca-

bles. And when you convert

it back to the electrical form

at the end of a fibre optical

cable, its strength and qual-

ity is better than that meas-

ured directly a regular LNB


What previously has been

seen impossible to achieve:

to re-create the original

source signal after many

splits - has not turned on its

head: the re-created signals

turns out to even be better

than at the source! GlobalIn-

vacom has transformed the

way of distributing (not only)

satellite signals by using the

fibre optic technology. With

the new GI FibreIRS O2E it

is now possible to expand

hugely the number of out-

puts and each of these even

with a better quality than

what the comes out of the

original source LNB.