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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 03-04/2015


Professional Meter for Digital TV

The Meter Serious Antenna

Installers have been Longing for

Spaun Sparos 711

Touchscreen meter

optimised for professional antenna

installers and technicians

You might think you’ve seen

it all, but then Spaun comes

along with its new Sparos 711

meter. In TELE-audiovision

issues 08-09/2009 and 04-

05/2012 we were full of praise

for the Spaun Sparos 609 and

the Spaun SAT HD meters, but

when we received Spaun’s lat-

est meter offering at our test

center we knew right away

that this manufacturer would

take signal measurement to a

whole new level.

Hidden inside the cardboard

box is an elegant-looking

metal transport case with the

Spaun logo prominently dis-

played on the outside. This

makes sure customers know

right away that the techni-

cian they have booked is seri-

ous about his or her business

and does not rely on no-name

technical equipment, but

rather uses a top-notch me-

ter from a well-established

manufacturer of TV reception


So let’s look inside the

metal case: Protected by all-

round padding there it is, the

brand new Spaun Sparos 711.

Even at first sight, it looks dif-

ferent from all other current

meters, as it could almost be

described as a slightly over-

weight tablet computer. Its

touchscreen measures 10

inches and comes with a res-

olution of 1200 x 800 pixels,

which is unusually high by

meter standards. Thanks to

its comparably flat design this

meter is genuinely convenient

to operate and sports all con-

nection options you may ever

require. Seriously? Yes! HF

has not cut any corners when

it comes to usability.

In addition, the metal case

holds the external power sup-

ply unit with corresponding

power cord, a carrying strap,

an additional BNC adapter as

well as an external USB mem-

ory stick. The latter provides

a full-scale operating manual

as PDF and software that can

be used to create and man-

age memory banks in the me-

ter’s built-in memory. A very

handy rucksack-shaped cloth

bag is also shipped with the

meter and its transport case.

Using it allows installers to

have both hands free when-

ever they need to carry the

Spaun Sparos 711 to some of

those trickier locations that

require climbing a ladder, for

example.There is some simi-

larity between the Spaun 711

and the Spaun 609: Both are

covered by plastic padding

that not only protects the me-

ter against falls or bumps but

also increases ease-of-use.

But that’s not all. The user in-

terface of both devices follows

the same underlying concept,

so that existing users of the

Spaun 609 can easily switch

to the new 711 model without

a great deal of familiarisation

required. It’s also interesting

to note that despite its huge

screen and the wide range of

additional features and func-

tions the Spaun Sparos 711

is significantly smaller than

its 609 predecessor. Its low

height and reduced weight

are two decisive factors that

turn it into such a pleasant

input, ASI input and output,

USB A/B, HDMI, RJ-45, card

reader, the whole lot. What’s

more, it is possible to pro-

vide DC voltage to antenna

systems through the HF input

socket – Spaun apparently