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03-04/2015 —

TELE-audiovision International —


companion that sits in your

hands surprisingly nicely.

The case of the Spaun

Sparos 711 is made of in-

jection-moulded aluminium

and despite its low weight

this is easily the most robust

and sturdy meter we have

ever held in our hands. The

touchscreen is recessed and

protected by a plastic frame

that makes sure it cannot be

damaged too easily. There’s

no doubt about it, the Spaun

Sparos has been designed for

those tough and demanding

outdoor jobs.

If you open the padded

flap of the front panel it will

reveal the truly enormous

touchscreen. At first we were

slightly confused because our

search for any keys or but-

tons was boldly unsuccessful,

but obviously there is no need

for cluttering buttons all over

the place when you have a

touchscreen at your disposal.

Almost all connection sockets

are positioned on the right

side of the meter, as well as

the only button, which inci-

dentally is the On/Off switch.

It merely takes 12 seconds

after turning on the meter

before the boot process and

self-test are completed and

the unit is ready for use. This

means you’ll happily switch

off the Sparos 711 while on

a break to safe valuable en-

ergy, knowing that it will be

up and running again in next

to no time. The On/Off switch

comes with a built-in LED

which lights up in Spaun’s

typical blue colour whenever

the meter is switched on.

Each of the four corners of

the front panel features an

eye that can be used to se-

curely hook a carrying strap.

Thanks to four such eyes be-

ing available you can choose

any combination to attach a

carrying strap that best suits

your requirements or prefer-

ences. We opted for a diago-

nal set-up, which meant we

used the upper left eye in

combination with the lower

right eye. Left-handed users

might obviously go for the

other way round, but in any

case this allows you to keep

the Spaun Sparos 711 on the

side of your body when you

need to climb a ladder, for ex-


The HF input is separated

from all other inputs by an

extra divider in order to shield

that input from potential elec-



All other inputs are covered

with a plastic cap when not in

use. The fact that the Spaun

Sparos 711 comes with two

USB sockets may surprise

some. One of them is of the

A type, while the other one is

the newer mini USB B type.

Both of them can be activated

in the configuration menu,

but you should bear in mind

that the mini USB B input is

reserved for service access


Right next to the RJ-45 net-

work interface you can find a

dedicated input for charging

the built-in battery. Two LEDs

indicate the current power

mode: A green LED at the

signal input lights up if DC

voltage is provided through

the HF socket, while a green

LED at the DC input lights up

whenever the meter is con-

nected to the mains. The left

side of the Spaun Sparos 711

features the ASI input and

output as well as the card

reader. The fan is also located

in that area, as is the loud-

speaker. In case you worry

about any noise generated by

the fan you can rest assured

– it runs silently both during

use and charging.

Whenever we receive a new

device for testing we always

make a point of using it right

out of the box, without con-

sulting the manual first. This

gives us a valuable clue as

to how user-friendly (or un-

friendly) its operating flow

is. In this particular case we

felt at home from the get-go.

Thanks to its huge touch-

screen display and perfectly

matching firmware the Spaun

Sparos 711 is more or less

self-explanatory and effi-

ciently guides you through all

required steps.

Once the meter is powered

up you’ll be greeted by a wel-

come screen that gives you

an overview of all installed

and available options. Our