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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 03-04/2015

channels as well as EPG and

teletext. In order to verify

the measurement accuracy of

the Spaun Sparos 711 we set

up two test series. First, we

led a calibrated source signal

to the meter and measured

that signal with different fre-

quencies. Next, we compared

the results from a number of

measurements with those of

two reference meters.

The Spaun Sparos 711

achieves remarkably high

measurement accuracy. The

HF input alone lends proof to

the huge efforts the develop-

ers have made to design a

top-quality device. A sort of

divider that is part of the cas-

ing shields the HF input from

the rest of the meter and its

potentially interfering elec-

tronic components. This is

only one of many seemingly

small details that ultimately

lead to such high measure-

ment precision. We tested

this meter for weeks and

regular readers know that we

push all devices to the limits,

but still we were surprised by

the capacity of the battery. It

seemed we could use it forev-

er before we had to recharge

it. Spaun specifies the battery

as having enough capacity for

up to four hours of continu-

ous operation, but when we

tried that out for ourselves

we could hardly believe what

happened: The battery is ac-

tually much stronger than

that and depending on the op-

erating mode will last through

the better part of eight or

even ten hours. Unbelievable

and sure to break any record

in the meter world. Quite

frankly, this alone would be

a compelling argument for

rushing out and getting the

Sparos 711. After all, noth-

ing is more frustrating than

a meter running out of power

right in the middle of a major

job that needs to be finished

on time. With the Spaun Spa-

ros 711 you won’t need mains

or a car charger on an aver-

age working day, and we can-

not praise the manufacturer

highly enough for offering

its latest meter with so much


The USB storage medium

that comes with the meter

includes PC software by the

name of SPAROS Organizer.

It can be used to edit and

manage all transponder and

protocol lists right on the PC,

even though – quite frankly

– those jobs can be accom-

plished almost as seamlessly

right on the touchscreen me-

ter as well. In general, Spaun

has devised a very contempo-

rary concept for integrating a

PC. We are used to physically

connecting meters to a PC

using the USB or RS-232 in-

terfaces, but with the Spaun

Sparos 711 all you need is the

included USB storage medi-

um. Simply export all current

settings onto the USB stick,

which is then connected to

the PC running the SPAROS

Organizer software. All data

can then be freely edited on

the PC and when you are done



45. The Spaun Sparos 711

can be set up to deal with

repetitive tasks. This can be

done by calling up the Auto Set

function and entering the target

modulations as well as all other

parameters for the transponder


46. Here the Spaun Sparos 711

has been set up for a DVB-C

search. We did not have to deal

with additional specifics such

as symbol rates, for example.

The Spaun Sparos 711 finds

out all data by itself, and it’s

extremely quick too!

47. As soon as the transponder