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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 03-04/2015

existing digital infrastruc-

ture. A piece of advice: For all

measurements we performed

we could easily create and

later edit personalised tran-

sponder lists directly in the

meter thanks to its superfast

search mode. In the end, we

hardly ever used the PC editor

because we just couldn’t see

how it could further improve

our workflow. Everything the

PC editor allows you to do can

be accomplished just as con-

veniently and quickly on the

Spaun Sparos 711 itself. You

don’t even need a PC if you

want to transfer transponder

lists to other meters. Simply

copy them onto the exter-

nal USB storage medium and

then import them again into

a second, or third, etc. Spaun

Sparos 711. That’s all there is

to it!

Measurement Protocols

96. With the Spaun Sparos 711 saving measu-

rements as CSV files it is possible to edit those

with MS Excel or similar software. It took us only

a few minutes to create this table with measure-

ments from five different wall outlets. This way it

becomes child’s play to make comparisons.

97. This Excel graph is based on a conventional

bar diagram, but we have instead opted for lines.

Why’s that? Because we can! Editing all mea-

sured data in MS Excel allows data processing

in many ways, which might even be suitable for

scientific studies.

98. We did not have to puzzle this picture

together ourselves. The Spaun Sparos 711 does

it for us, whenever a table does not fit on a single


A professional meter for

professionals who use it day

in and day out must be able

to automatically create meas-

urement protocols. This might

not be such a decisive feature

for amateurs or for techni-

cians who only align the odd

satellite antenna every once

in a while, but if you work for

a provider and have to meas-

ure the same transponders

again and again then you’ll

quickly fall in love with such


We know from experience

that the user flow for many

devices is often less then per-

fect, to put it mildly. So it can

be a cumbersome process to

set up a new meter in the first

place, let alone if you don’t

have a computer with fully

compatible editor software.

Once again, the Spaun Sparos

711 begs to differ. It gives you

the option of creating lists to

which you can conveniently

add all desired transponders

– right on the meter and with-

out any additional equipment

or software. You can then call

up those lists in automatic

measurement mode, which

will prompt the Spaun Sparos

711 to check all listed tran-


Such a measurement can

be performed once only or in a

loop at pre-set intervals in or-

der to identify problems that

do not occur on a regular ba-

sis and can only be detected