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03-04/2015 —

TELE-audiovision International —




99. The Spaun Sparos 711

is capable of showing all

modulations as constellation

diagrams. Let’s start with


100. DVB-C: 32QAM.

101. DVB-C: 64QAM.

102. DVB-C: 128QAM.

103. DVB-C: 256QAM.

104. DVB-T2: Shifted 16QAM

(shifted QPSK is also

supported, but we were unable

to create a corresponding

signal with high enough


105. DVB-T2: Shifted 64QAM.

106. DVB-T2: Shifted 128QAM.

107. DVB-S: QPSK

108. DVB-S2: 8PSK.

109. DVB-S2: 16APSK.

110. DVB-S2: 32APSK.

test run will be initiated auto-

matically. What this means in

everyday use is that techni-

cians checking a distribution

network in a building that has

its own head-end only need

to set up this test routine at

the first wall outlet and can

then use the same protocol

for all additional wall outlets

in the building. All they need

to manually do is save the

measurement protocol for

each outlet, and the rest is

taken care of by the Spaun

Sparos 711. Once again, the

huge touchscreen display

proves its worth for such

jobs, as it allows you to eas-

ily give each saved protocol

a meaningful filename using

the virtual keyboard. If you’re

used to entering letters or

numbers with the T9 system

or a rotary knob then the

Spaun Sparos 711 will propel

you to a new age of meter

technology and user inter-

face. And Spaun has nothing

left to chance. For example,

we noticed that the meter al-

locates a sequential number

to the file name for each new

measurement so that you can

directly save it without hav-

ing to edit the name again

and again. And that’s another

few seconds of valuable time

that can be saved.

There is, however, a small

fly in the ointment when it

comes to the screen key-

board. No matter which lan-

guage you select, the Spaun

Sparos 711 always presents

the virtual keyboard in the

French AZERTY layout. We

hope that the common QW-

ERTY and QWERTZ variants

will be available as well with

an upcoming firmware up-


Naturally, we went for a

real-world test of the Spaun

Sparos 711 and to that end

we decided to re-align a mo-

torised 1.8 m prime focus an-

tenna. What struck us most

– and was extremely helpful –

was the fast and high-resolu-

tion spectrum analyser of the

Spaun Sparos 711. But hunt-

ing for feeds and exotic tran-

sponders worked just as well,

thanks to the hugely efficient

Autoscan mode that identi-

fies reception parameters of

unknown transponders in re-

cord-breaking time. They say

that work can be boring, but

if you actually use the Spaun

Sparos 711 for work, then

that’s a whole different story!

We then proceeded to

measuring all wall outlets of

a house and later evaluated

the measurement protocols

on the PC. This helped us not

only look at the user concept

of this meter in detail, but

also check the actual signal

quality of distributed DVB-C

transponders at two different

locations in the same town in

order to find out whether the

local cable provider actually

delivers constant signal qual-

ity across its network. To that