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Vitor Martins


Test Center


Spaun Sparos 711

Professional Digital TV Meter


TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 03-04/2015

● Excellent 10-inch touchscreen display with high resolution

● Easy to use

● Compatible with all modulations used in Europe

● Offers all measurement types, including echo and MER vs.

carrier for DVB-T/T2

● Uses open files formats that allow measurement protocols to

be created with MS Office

● Very long battery life

● Virtual keyboard only available in AZERTY layout, QWERTY

and QWERTZ are missing

● Max Hold function can be improved

● Limited DiSEqC 1.2 functionality

end, we measured all DVB-C

transponders at the wall out-

lets in two different houses.

Our verdict: absolutely im-

pressive! Without any prepa-

ration at all we performed a

measurement at the first wall

outlet and then edited the

list the meter had created

and gave it a meaningful file-

name. All this took less than

five minutes.

Then we measured all ad-

ditional wall outlets using the

automatic measurement pro-

tocol. This only took roughly

two minutes for each outlet.

Once we had completed the

last outlet we exported all

measurement protocols onto

an external storage medium

and then opened the files

with MS Excel on our PC. The

entire workflow was straight-

forward, no questions were

left unanswered, and the

amount of time we were able

to save was nothing short of

impressive. Spaun has done

an excellent job with this new

meter and its clear focus on

professional installers.

Another job involved re-

aligning a DVB-T antenna. Un-

fortunately (for this test), we

did not have any issues with

echoes or LTE interference

at our location, which meant

this was a task that could be

finished almost before it was

started. So in order to test all

DVB-T/T2 measurement op-

tions offered by the Spaun

Sparos 711 we had to gener-

ate faulty signals ourselves in

the test center.

The Spaun Sparos 711 is

an excellent meter for tech-

nicians and installers: It is

lightweight yet robust, with

its huge touchscreen display

providing an enormously ef-

ficient user interface. The en-

tire concept and design clear-

ly has one goal in mind – the

highest level of productivity

in everyday use.

Never before have we seen

a meter whose battery will

last all day long, yet that’s

what you get with the Spaun

Sparos 711. Measurement

protocols can easily be trans-

ferred to a PC using a USB

storage medium and can be

freely edited with MS Office

thanks to the CSV or BMP file

formats that are used.

What’s more: All that hap-

pens with breathtaking speed,

above all when it comes to

automatic searches and au-

tomatic detection of recep-

tion parameters of unknown

transponders. And we’re not

just talking fast, we’re talk-

ing faster than any meter we

have seen before.

To sum up, the Spaun Spa-

ros 711 has got us truly excit-

ed. It meets all demands pro-

fessional installers may have

and then some. In a nutshell,

Spaun has done everything

right with this meter and de-

serves our kudos for that.

Installers are always pressed

for time and need a tool that

increases their productivity.

Now they have one with the

Spaun Sparos 711.

During our in-depth test

we always discovered new

features and functions that

add even more efficiency to

measurement jobs. Yet, we

did not have to consult the

manual or waste time figuring

out how those features can be

used – they just work the way

Read the complete test report:


Read the complete test report:


you expect them to work.

The minor issues we men-

tioned above can certainly

be eliminated with one of the

upcoming firmware updates.

The example of the Spaun

Sparos 609 demonstrates

that we can only expect the

best from Spaun in terms of

product support.

You won’t find many manu-

factures that supply firmware

updates for their products

over such a long period of

time as Spaun does. For the

Spaun Sparos 609, for exam-

ple, you can currently choose

from five different firmware

releases, all with exemplary

explanation of newly imple-

mented features and func-


It’s no wonder then that

Spaun is one of the leading

companies in the TV recep-

tion business. A reputation

that is hard-earned and well-