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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 03-04/2015

first version of the TeleFairy

was introduced in TELE-au-

diovision 01-02/2014, and

now the manufacturer has

launched the next genera-

tion of this intelligent re-

ceiver. While many features

and functions have been

completely revamped for

the new model, it still focus-

es on viewers of German-

language TV channels. So to

be fair, it is best matched to

ASTRA 19.2 East reception.

At first contact, the most

striking feature of the Tel-

eFairy 2.0 is its truly elegant

appearance. The whole de-

vice has a smartly designed

and very organised look and

feel – perhaps a taste of

what is to follow? The front

panel is made up of two sta-

tus LEDs, an On/Standby

button and the IR receiver.

And that’s it. It’s a slightly

different story for the back

panel, which features all

necessary connection op-

tions such as DVB-S2 signal

input, three RCA jacks for

stereo audio and video, an

RJ45 network port, HDMI

output, WiFi antenna and a

socket for connecting the

external power supply unit.

A total of four USB ports as

well as an SD card reader

are available so that the

TeleFairy 2.0 can also shine

1. Initial installation wizard of

theTeleFairy 2.0

2. Adjusting video size and

video position

3. Network configuration

4. WiFi configuration

5. Automatic software update

of theTeleFairy 2.0 via the


6. Adding a TeleFairy account

7. TeleFairy account login

8. Selecting the satellites to be


9. A number of American and

Asian satellite positions are

available as well

10. At the start of a commercial

break theTeleFairy 2.0 can

either mute the audio, change

the channel or launch the web


11. Recording settings

12. Software update settings of

the TeleFairy

13. Recordings can be

converted into the MP4 format

automatically and then saved

onto Google Drive. From there,

recordings can be accessed

from anywhere via the Internet

14. Automatic DiSEqC


15. Satellite settings

as a PVR receiver or media

player for externally stored

multimedia content. Those

USB ports and the card slot

are all located on the left

side of the box.

The remote control that

comes with the device sits in

your hand quite pleasantly,

comes with an unusually thin

design and boasts a clearly

laid out and labelled array

of buttons. An in-depth user

manual can be downloaded

from the manufacturer’s

website in PDF format, while

basic information for set-

ting up and using the box is

available from a quick guide

that is shipped with the Tel-

eFairy 2.0.

Right after switching on

the TeleFairy 2.0 for the

first time an installation wiz-

ard pops up to guide you

through the initial set-up

routine. It is here that we

realise for the first time that

while the TeleFairy 2.0 may

well be equipped and pre-

pared for international mar-

kets, it obviously focuses on

the German-speaking coun-

tries. Nonetheless, the list

of available on-screen lan-

guage options is impressive,

and once you have selected

‘your’ language, the wizard

proceeds to size, aspect

ratio and resolution of the

provided video signal. The

range of options is extensive

and has both conventional

TV panels and beamers in


The TeleFairy 2.0 requires

an Internet connection to

work properly, which is why

the next step of the set-up

sequence deals with provid-

ing the relevant network ac-

cess parameters. Since the

Android operating system is

at the core of this receiver

the whole range of adjust-

ment and setting options is

available: No matter wheth-

er it’s manual IP address al-

location or the (much more

convenient) DHCP distribu-

tion system, WEO, WPA or

WPA2 encryption or manual

SSID input in WiFi mode, the

TeleFairy 2.0 is as flexible

as you need it to be. Quite

unexpectedly, this receiver

can also be connected to

WiFi networks in the 5 GHz

range, which means you can

enjoy significantly higher

data transfer rates with

compatible network infra-