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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 03-04/2015

16. DiSEqC protocols 1.0, 1.1,

1.2 and 1.3 are supported

17. Channel list and info bar of


18. Main menu

19. Three different EPG modes

are available


At the end of the set-up

process, the manufacturer

recommends looking for

software updates to make

sure the TeleFairy 2.0 runs

on the latest software re-

lease and gives you all avail-

able features and functions.

Once that is done, there

is only one last thing you

should do: Create a Tel-

eFairy/Fernsehfee account,

which can be accomplished

either from a PC by access-

ing the manufacturer’s web-

site, or right with the Tele-

Fairy 2.0 box.

A TeleFairy account just

for watching TV? What’s that

all about? OK, to understand

why this is required we

need to look at how the sys-

tem works in the first place

and how it can deliver real

benefits to its users. These

days, it’s hard (or rather:

impossible) to keep track of

TV schedules, new shows

and films, reruns and what

have you. The diversity of

the current offering is sim-

ply overwhelming, so you

need a little helper to find

the shows and broadcasts

that are right for you. And

ual broadcasts. These data

then form the basis for very

accurate predictions as to

how popular a future broad-

cast will be with the aver-

age viewer. Using this pre-

diction, the manufacturer

makes a rough pre-selection

to identify particularly inter-

esting broadcasts. So far,

so good – but we all know

that statistics is a science

that not always reflects indi-

vidual circumstances. That’s

why a TeleFairy account lets

you define certain genres

that you particularly like.

So if sports isn’t really you

cup of tea and you’d much

rather while away in front of

the telly watching suspense

movies, then you just let the

TeleFairy know and it will

take into account your hab-

its and preferences when it

recommends something to

you next time.

And it gets even better

than that: When you look at

the remote you’ll find two

unusual buttons, one with a

smiling face and one with a

sad face. Press one of those

buttons while watching a

show you like (or dislike) to

give your TeleFairy an idea

of your TV preferences. The

more often you use those

buttons, the better your box

gets to know you and the

more suitable its future rec-

ommendations will become.

this is precisely

where there Tel-

eFairy concept en-

ters centre stage.

TC Unterhaltung-



the manufacturer

of this receiver,

has access to a

huge database of

viewership num-

bers and rating

figures for individ-