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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 03-04/2015

Still, the question remains

which way the box presents

suggestions to its users.

Answer: In a pretty smart

way. It sorts the channel

list according to how closely

the currently shown events

match your individual pref-

erences. So when you sit

down in front of the TV after

a hard day’s work and turn

on your TeleFairy the first

channel on the list is the one

that most likely broadcasts

something that you’re keen

to watch, and on the bottom

of the channel list you’ll find

the channels you wouldn’t

tune into anyway. So the

lower the channel number,

the better the content – for

you and you alone, that is.

Truly great stuff, but there

might be many of you out

there who love the concept

in principle, but still go like

‘what’s the point of knowing

the channels with the con-

tent I love, only to find that

they are right in a commer-

cial break when I tune in?’

The good guys at TC Unter-

haltungselektronik AG know

all about those worries and

have come up with a hugely

practical ad blocker. When-

ever the TeleFairy detects

a commercial break on a

given channel, that channel

is skipped when zapping.

When you’re already watch-

ing channel and a commer-

cial break kicks in, the Tele-

Fairy either mutes the audio,

switches to the next channel

that is compatible with your

viewing pattern or launches

the web browser so that you

can kill time surfing the net.

As soon as the commercial

break on the original chan-

nel is over, the box brings

that channel back on screen

to make sure you don’t miss

a thing – unless you decide

the newly suggested chan-

nel is even more interesting

and you stay hooked to that

channel with a simple touch

of a button on the remote


How does the ad blocker

work from a technical per-

spective? Not based on

an automatic detection of

commercials, as might be

assumed, but on manual

monitoring by TC Unterh-

altungselektronik AG staff,

which covers 99% of rel-

evant channels for the Ger-

man-speaking market. At

20. TV Pilot EPG

21. TeleFairy EPG


23. Based on the colours in the

TeleFairy EPG users can easily

identify whether or not an event

matches their preferences

24. Info bar

25. Buttons on the remote

control can assume different

tasks that are freely


26. Language selection

27. Subtitle selection

28. OSD teletext decoder

29. Rate a show with your

remote. The more stars you

award, the better you like what

you’re watching. The TeleFairy

then uses those ratings to

select future suggestions

30. Searching the channel list

31. Need more information on a

program? Here you can find out

details about the actors you see

on screen

32. A touch a button is all it

takes to call up an actor’s

biography right from the


33. Receive e-mails with your

personal TeleFairy e-mail


34. Timeshift viewing

the beginning and at the end

of each commercial break

those employees send out

the relevant signal via the

Internet to all TeleFairy re-

ceivers. In our everyday test

the system turned out to

work flawlessly and reliably

for German-language chan-

nels that are broadcast via

satellite (other language re-

gions are currently not sup-


If you want to benefit from

all of the above – and frank-

ly, why wouldn’t you? – we

recommend creating your

personal TeleFairy account.

Incidentally, a single account

can be used for any number

of TeleFairy receivers, so

that your box at home and

the one at your beach house,

for example, know exactly

the same details about your

viewing preferences.

So we know that the Tel-

eFairy takes care of sort-

ing the channel list all by

its own, but can we also ex-

pect the same level of con-

venience when it comes to a

channel search? You betcha!

Channel lists for a total of

27 major European, Ameri-

can and Asian satellites are

downloaded automatically to

the receiver on a regular ba-

sis. What’s more, all param-