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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 05-06/2015

Useful app

for satellite antenna


It’s the same problem we

are faced with again and

again. There’s a satellite

antenna to be set up and

aligned, but is the satellite

we are aiming at receivable

at all at our location? Actu-

ally, that’s two questions

packaged into one. Number

one: Is the location within

the satellite’s footprint and is

the antenna’s diameter suf-

ficient for reliable reception,

especially at the fringes of

the footprint? Number two:

Is there a direct line of sight

between the antenna and

the satellite, or does a tree

or building stand in the way?

Those are key questions that

beg answering before you

should even think about in-

stalling a satellite antenna,

because what’s the point

of going to great lengths if

you don’t know (a) whether

Satbeams App

Find available satellites

with total ease

Apple iTunes Store.

Next, you need to cre-

ate a free account at www. in order to

be able to download up-to-

date satellite data from the

Internet. The app will auto-

matically access a Satbeams

server and obtain all cur-

rent data, a process that in

our case only took slightly

less than 90 seconds on an

LTE connection. The Sat-

beams mobile app then au-

tomatically switches to the

main menu, which is pretty

much filled to the brim with

features and functions and

therefore may look slightly

overwhelming at first sight.

But rest assured, the two

major functions of the app

can be launched quickly and

without further ado. You can

always have a closer look

at all other entries (About,

Products & Services, News,

Contact and Help) at a later

stage. In actual fact, all they

do is either refer you to the

Satbeams website or offer

general information and as-


We did appreciate that

the Augmented Reality (AR)

function of the app activates

automatically to superim-

pose the Clarke Belt on the

current camera view when-

ever users point their smart-

phone or tablet towards the

sky. This way you can find

out simply by moving your

device whether or not the

desired satellite can be re-

ceived with an unrestricted

line of sight from your loca-

tion. The orbital positions

that are available are shown

along a virtual Clarke Belt.

During our test this feature

gave no reason for com-

plaint. The only thing you

you’ll be successful in the

end and (b) which location is

best suited for the antenna

in order to achieve optimum


The people behind the


have come up with a new app

for smartphones and tablets

that can help answer those

essential questions quickly,

hassle-free, and in a matter

of seconds. The best part?

You can do all that offline

and don’t need an Internet

connection that may incur

additional costs. All you need

to shell out is a one-time

charge of EUR 10.00 to pur-

chase and download the app

to your smartphone or tab-

let from Google Play Store or


App for Satellite Antenna Alignment