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05-06/2015 —

TELE-audiovision International —


need to take care of is ac-

tivating the GPS function of

your smartphone or tablet,

otherwise the device won’t

be able to determine the

current location.

With the help of the foot-

print function the Satbeams

mobile app can display the

footprints of all direct-to-

home (DTH) satellites world-

wide on a virtual globe. We

looked very closely at the

accuracy of individual beams

coming from one and the

same satellite. After all,

there’s a huge difference be-

tween channels transmitted

from ASTRA 2A and ASTRA

2F, for example, that need

to be received in Central Eu-

rope, even though both sat-

ellites carry British TV and

radio stations from 28.2°

East. While in one case an 80

cm antenna will do, the other

beam requires an antenna

diameter of at least three

meters in Central Europe. As

hoped, the app takes care of

those subtle (and not so sub-

tle) differences and precisely

indicates all relevant infor-

mation. Looking for some ic-

ing on the cake? Well, there

you go: Apart from a range

of technical details, the app

also immediately calculates

the right azimuth and eleva-

tion parameters for all satel-


We found it very useful

that more than one footprint

can be shown at the same

time, and the range of cus-

tomisation options for the

virtual globe is almost unlim-

ited. This way you may opt to

add borders between states,

a cloud cover between the

sky and the surface or night-

time view, if that’s to your

liking. One thing we found a

little quirky but interesting

nonetheless is that you can

change the way countries

are presented according to

their respective population

densities. The same level

of detail is available for the

footprints as well, which can

be presented with or without

full colouring, scaling lines,

etc. The entire screen con-

10. Presentation of a satellite’s footprint

without scaling rings

11. Presentation of a satellite’s footprint

with scaling rings but without colouring

12. You can even have the population

density indicated (the darker the red colour,

the higher the population density)

13. Simultaneous presentation of two

different footprints

14. Each satellite comes with a wide range

of technical details that can be called up at

any time

15. Settings menu of the app