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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 05-06/2015

tent can be shared with friends via Fa-

cebook, Twitter and Instagram with a

single touch on the screen.

Still, the only aspect that really mat-

ters for a satellite alignment app is the

accuracy of the provided data, and it is

in this field that you simply can’t fault

Satbeams. The app relies on the same

database that is made available to us-

ers of the standard website, and we all

know that this is probably one of the

most comprehensive and most up-to-

date satellite databases around.

With all that praise for Satbeam and

its mobile app we did, however, notice

that the popular daily frequency lists

that are available from


com have not made it to the app. What

a pity, since the most current tran-

sponder data right on the smartphone

16. Free line of sight – all satellites shown

here on the virtual Clarke Belt can easily be

received at this location

17. Obvious from this picture: All satellites

further out then approximately 40° West

cannot be received at this location

or tablet would have been an awesome

treat. Other than that, the app is a

valuable tool for everyone dealing with

antenna alignment that needs to be ac-

complished easily and quickly.

Download im Google Play Store:


Download im iTunes Store: