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Jacek Pawlowski

Test Center


TeknikSAT Optical System

TPF 41-2

Optical Transmitter

TFS 1/32 FC


TFM 41/10 C

Optical Multiswitch


05-06/2015 —

TELE-audiovision International —


● Sufficient gain to deliver the signal to 320 receivers

● Very small impact on signal quality even after splitting it 320


● The terrestrial path offers some extra gain what guarantees pro-

blem free DVB-T reception

● None

not much: by 1 dB or so. So,

again very positive results.

One terrestrial antenna will

be enough for 320 receivers.

Should it be a stronger cable

TV signal you can easily ad-

just the gain with a multiturn

potentiometer, either in the

output multiswitch or in the

optical transmitter – just

as for every single satellite


What is also very nice

about this system: you are

not limited to one satellite.

If you connect four different

LNBs receiving signals from

four different satellites, you

can significantly increase the

number of available chan-

nels for each subscriber. You

only need to ensure that the

subscriber receivers have

DiSEqC 1.1 protocol enabling

them to switch among 4 sat-


To sum it up, the Tekniksat

fiber optic system proved to

be able to distribute signals

to no less than 320 final sub-

scribers. Additionally, it can

be very easily enlarged be-

cause every final multiswitch

has trunk outputs to which

classical electrical multi-

switches can be added to

increase even more the total

number of subscribers. It is

a perfect system for hotels

and similar facilities where

you need to keep the num-

ber of antennas to an abso-

lute minimum and the num-

ber of receivers is very high.

Most of all: you can be sure

that with this system you get

the same signal quality at all