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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 05-06/2015

Greece. Why is that so im-

portant? Well, as soon as you

have selected the target sat-

ellite complete with correct

LOF and DiSEqC parameters

and once you have chosen a

corresponding frequency, the

WS6979HD will not only initi-

ate a signal measurement but

will also indicate the right azi-

muth and elevation values for

antenna alignment.

Apart from the signal

strength, the measurement

results will also show the

C/N (carrier to noise ratio),

BER (bit error rate) and MER

(modulation error rate).

If you think the full over-

view of results is a wee bit too

small for keeping track when

moving the antenna, you can

always change into a separate

mode that only displays the

most essential parameters in

enlarged form.

Alternatively, you can fully

rely on the acoustic signal lev-

el indicator that works won-

derfully and can take a lot of

weight off your shoulders. As

a side note that is addressed

specifically to profession-

als we can confirm that the

WS6979HD is of course per-

fectly capable of displaying

the constellation diagram of

any given transponder. When

it comes to modulations like

8PSK or 16APSK, this is a par-

ticularly handy tool for visu-

ally re-checking signal quality

if you need to be on the safe

side of business.

As soon as the meter has

detected a valid signal, it

can be set to either perform

a search on the currently se-

lected transponder or across

the entire satellite.

Here it is essential to men-

tion that a full-satellite scan

is done in blind scan mode,

which means that the me-

ter starts out with gathering

all active transponders first,

before initiating a compre-

hensive scan based on those


Generally speaking, the

WS6979HD behaves much

like your standard satellite

receiver with features such

as an editable channel list,

teletext, EPG functionality,

language selection, subtitles,

and so on. This is also where

the HDMI output fits in so

39. Extended EPG information

40. Audio and video playback

as well as an image viewer

for files stored on an external

storage medium are also


41. DVB-S2 channel list

42. DVB-T2 channel list

43. Info bar

44. AVI video playback

45. DivX video playback

46. Flash video playback

47. WMV video playback

48. AAC video playback

49. Selecting teletext language

50. OSD teletext

51. Selecting subtitles

52. Language selection