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Thomas Haring

Test Center


Satlink WS6979HD


Signal Analyzer


TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 05-06/2015

● Reliable signal meter for DVB-S2 and DVB-T2 reception boas-

ting excellent build quality and logical menu structure for a smart

user experience.

● Very responsive spectrum display (in DVB-S2 mode) as well as

correct and reliable measurements.

● Very convenient to carry along thanks to its low weight.

● Apart from all required signal metering functions, the

WS6979HD also includes a fully-functional receiver for DVB-S2 and

DVB-T2 reception complete with a range of multimedia features.

● Audio and video output in high-definition thanks to integrated

HDMI output.

● It is not possible to save measurement results or to transfer

them to a PC.

● Lethargic spectrum display in DVB-T2 mode.

urement results were obvi-

ously not identical, but still

very similar – which speaks

volumes about the quality of

the tuners built into this lat-

est Satlink meter. And when

we tried out the device for

perfectly aligning several an-

tennas, the WS6979HD soon

became a highly regarded

companion. Its low weight

was a major bonus, especially

when compared to our refer-

ence meter.

You will have noticed our

enthusiasm and excitement

about this neat little helper by

now, and we really don’t want

to spoil the mood, but there

is one drawback that bugged

as again and again during our

test: The Satlink WS6979HD

does not support measure-

ment results to be saved and

later transferred to a PC. This

certainly isn’t a big deal for

private users or amateurs

who install a dish only now

and then, but in the profes-

sional realm this is an essen-

tial feature. After all, install-

ers must be able to document

a job well done if they want to

collect money for their work.

On a brighter note, we no-

ticed that the meter is ex-

tremely responsive and reacts

instantly to all user com-

mands and inputs. Never did

we have the impression that

the WS6979HD was pushed

to its limits, not even when it

had to process a high-defini-

tion signal in the background.

It clearly pays for Satlink to

have used a 500 MHz Novatek

processor, bundled with a to-

tal of 1 GB DDR memory.

With all the brilliant features

and functions for measuring

signals it’s hard to believe

that the Satlink WS6979HD

can also be used as a fully-

fledged receiver, but that’s

exactly what the manufac-

turer has achieved. Not only

can this meter-cum-receiver

put out TV channels and ra-

dio stations with excellent HD

quality thanks to the avail-

able HDMI output, it also pro-

vides all convenience features

such as fully-functional EPG,

language selection, subtitles

and teletext. If required, the

integrated A/V input can also

be put to good use, for exam-

ple to feed in the signal of an

external receiver (e.g. posi-

tioner) and display it on the

meter’s screen.

To cap it all, Satlink even

provides the option of play-

ing back audio and video from

an external USB storage me-

dium, and to watch images

on the WS6979HD’s display.

The variety of supported file

types is extraordinary and

should really accommodate

all users. Even AAC audio files

were played back flawlessly in

our test.

Now if Satlink would also

throw in a small remote con-

trol for its WS6979HD we’d

not only have a wonderful sig-

nal analyser, but also an ideal

receiver for when we’re out

and about.