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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 05-06/2015

dend is not a commercial

product but rather a solution

made by enthusiasts for en-

thusiasts. As a consequence,

there is no team of full-time

employees available on short

notice for customer support

on all five continents. Not to

worry, though, since all pre-

stored data can easily be ed-

ited by users at any time if

circumstances change.

One thing we particularly

liked during our test was the

way the Moi Plus streaming

box does channel searches.

As soon as an orbital posi-

tion, cable TV operator or

DVB-T2 provider has been

selected, the box initiates

an automatic channel search

in the background. At this

stage, users won’t even no-

tice that something is hap-

pening. What’s more, the

Moi Plus box regularly up-

dates its channel list when-

ever it is not busy with user-

initiated tasks. So on the one

hand you can always rely on

a channel list that is up-to-

date and – more importantly

– also kept that way, while

on the other hand this re-

quires no user action what-

soever and it does not inter-

rupt your viewing pleasure

at all. Finally a manufacturer

that has put channel search

right where it belongs: in the


Now in case all that au-

tomatic action in the back-

ground causes some rest-

lessness among you, we

can dispel any concerns you