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05-06/2015 —

TELE-audiovision International —


8. The two tuners of the installed

reception card were quickly recog-

nised by the system

9. Comprehensive list of pre-stored

satellite positions

10. Apart from DVB-S2 the box also

supports DVB-C, DVB-T2, ATSC and


11. Channel list of the Tvheadend


12. EPG settings

13. PVR settings

14. Creating a PVR timer

15. Overview of timer entries

16. Adding a new frequency manually

may have in that regard: The

Moi Plus streaming box of

course gives you all manual

search options as well. So if

you want or need to search

a single transponder or fre-

quency, simply search away.

Obviously, we played around

with that feature and can

confirm that it works flaw-

lessly. With automatic chan-

nel searches taking place in

the background, you can al-

most watch the channel list

growing over time. In our

test we added several satel-

lite positions to our line-up

so that we ended up with

thousands of channels.

Now comes the point which

divides the receiver end of

this streaming box system

with the client end. In actual

fact, all the Moi Plus stream-

ing box and the Tvheadend

software do is receive DVB

signals and make them avail-

able across the network.

There’s no way you can ac-

tually watch any channel at

this stage. For that to work

you need another box which

takes care of receiving the

distributed signals and dis-

playing their content on the

TV (or any other) screen. As

a matter of fact, any piece of

hardware will do, provided

it can run software such as

Xbox Media Center, for ex-

ample. TBS recommends

that software in particular,

since it is a perfect match to

the Tvheadend software on

the one hand, and is avail-