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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 05-06/2015

17. All channels that are

selected in the channel list

are added to the customised

channel list of the individual


18. Customised user channel


19. Timer entry created directly

in EPG mode

20. DVB-T2 tuner settings

53: Adding pre-stored DVB-T2

frequencies for Austria

21. Overview of DVB-T2

frequencies used in Austria

thousands of entries, the de-

velopers of Tvheadend have

come up with a very smart

solution for that problem:

Using the web interface of

the Tvheadend software you

as the user simply mark all

those entries on the overall

channel list that should show

on your customised chan-

nel list. One mouse click will

then make sure your chan-

nel list looks exactly like you

want it to look. Of course

you’re free to sort, rename

or edit each entry whichever

way you want, or you may

even add special channel

logos to individual entries.

Gone are the days when you

had to spend hours prepping

up your channel list using

the remote control. With the

Moi Plus streaming box and

the Tvheadend software you

can achieve a better result

able for virtually all operat-

ing systems (MS Windows,

Apple Mac OS X, Linux, iOS,

Android, Raspberry Pi and

Apple TV) on the other hand.

So you realise that you can

use a whole variety of equip-

ment for bringing content

to a screen, ranging from

multimedia boxes, PCs, lap-

top computers and Macs all

the way to smartphones and

tablets. And since no user

would be happy with having

to manage a channel list with