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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 05-06/2015

22. Xbox Media Center on the


23. Setting up the Tvheadend


24. Xbox Media Center settings

25. TV settings

26. Live TV with Xbox Media

Center and Moi Plus streaming


27. EPG view

28. Info bar with control buttons

29. Recording an event onto an

external storage medium that

is connected to the Moi Plus

streaming box

30. Channel list with recording

currently taking place

31. Channel list

32. EPG overview

33. Info bar

34. Extended EPG information

35. Overview of timer entries

created with the Xbox Media


36. TV settings

37. EPG settings

38. Recording settings

in less time using your PC.

While this sounds awesome

and also works brilliantly, we

know that many users still

look for some more icing on

the cake. And thanks to this

streaming solution they can

have it too: Each change you

make is instantly pushed to

all clients in a matter of sec-

onds! As a side note we can

confirm that it is also pos-

sible to add IPTV streams

to the channel list, a bonus

feature we used excessively

during our test and which

invariably worked to our

utmost satisfaction. In ad-

dition, the Tvheadend soft-

ware comes with all features

and functions we have come

to expect from digital recep-

tion, such as an electronic

program guide (EPG), for ex-

ample, which also works with

proprietary standards like

Freesat or Mediahighway. All

EPG data are automatically

loaded and processed in the

background and are present-

ed with extensive search op-


Thanks to the availability

of USB ports on the Moi Plus

streaming box it is perfectly

equipped for using it as a

PVR receiver by attaching an

external USB storage medi-

um. The Tvheadend software

fully supports such a set-up.

Timer entries can be created

either manually or directly

from EPG view and the sys-

tem offers almost endless

customisation options for

recordings. Once again, EPG

data, recordings or any other

required settings can be ac-

cessed both from any client

devices or via the Tvheadend