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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication

— 05-06/2015

39. Overview of available add-


40. Channel playback using the

VLC media player by using the

network stream address

41. Playback of an HDTV channel

using the VLC media player

42. Playback of an SDTV channel

using the VLC media player

43. Xbox Media Center on an

Android smartphone

web browser, which gives

you all the versatility and

ease of use required.

Now that we have dealt

with all settings and options

of the Tvheadend software

solution in some detail, let’s

move on to the Xbox Media

Center. First, we can reason-

ably assume that its name

will have changed to Kodi by

the time you read this re-

port. Up until version 13.x

all releases carried the name

Xbox Media Center, while the

new name Kodi will be used

from version 14, which is

currently undergoing inten-

sive beta testing. We made

a point of not using the new

version 14 beta release be-

cause we would not want

to potentially wrestle with

teething problems that are

outside the control of TBS.

So let’s return to the Xbox

Media Center, which is de-

vised as a conventional me-

dia centre that offers live TV

as one option among many.

The Xbox Media Center

boasts a modular structure,

and by this we mean it in-

cludes some core features

and functions by default that

can easily be extended with

the help of so-called add-ons.

One such add-on is available

fully pre-configured to inter-